How are translation prices estimated?

When estimating translation prices, the following criteria are taken into account: regular rate + extra charge depending on complexity of translation and rush as well as the language the text is translated into or from (regular rate – EUR 11 + VAT per 1500 characters of the translated text). Translation prices also depend on the level of specificity of specialised translation – a mark-up of 10–40 % may be added to the translation price.

How is the volume of translation estimated?

At “Runos”, the translation volume is calculated in characters of the translated text. The text characters are counted by the MS Word program (MS Word > Tools > Word Count > Characters [no spaces]). Text characters include all letters, punctuation marks, numbers and other symbols in the text and do not include spaces.

How much do we charge for text and translation editing and desktop publishing services?

At “Runos”, the price and availability of text editing and desktop publishing services are determined on a case-by-case basis taking into account the volume of work. Quality translations made by highly competent professionals not always require additional editing services.

Can translation be longer than the original text?

The length of translation may differ from the original text depending on the language. For example, when translating from Lithuanian into German, the text may expand by 10-15%, meanwhile the text translated from German into Lithuanian may contract to the same extent. Therefore, translation that is shorter or longer than the original text is not an indicator of poor quality – you can be sure that specialised translations made at “Runos” are quality assured and accurate.

How much does translation certification by the agency’s seal and the translator’s signature or translation notarisation cost?

Translation agency “Runos” provides certified translation services only – all our translations are provided certified. Translation certification by the agency’s seal and the translator’s signature is free of charge. Nothing is charged for preparation and submission of documents for notarisation, though notarisation costs are borne by the client.

Free trial translation

Our first-time clients can test the quality of our work by using a free trial translation service (1 page). If you are looking for a professional translation partner, please contact us.


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